Pickup & Delivery

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Pickup Day

If it is your first pickup, put your clothes in a trash bag and place it in your designated pickup location.

Your clothes will be returned in a Tornado Express Laundry branded bag to be used with future orders.

You will receive a text the day before pickup as well as when your driver is en route.

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Processing Your Laundry

We will take your clothes back to our laundry where our experts will sort, pretreat, wash, dry, fold and neatly package your clothes.

Tornado Express Laundry always separates darks from lights and never washes your clothes with other customers’ items.

Delivery Day

One of our professional Tornado Express Laundry delivery drivers will drop off your freshly laundered clothes at your designated drop off location.

You will receive a text when your clothes are en route and after they have been dropped off. Orders will be processed within 24 hours.

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