Commercial Laundry

Hotel/Airbnb Linen Service

We cater to Hotels and Airbnb businesses with high laundry demands. Save time and resources by letting us handle your linens and towels, ensuring they’re spotless for your guests. We collect your laundry, treat it at our advanced facility, and return it neatly packaged on your schedule. Our services are priced to fit your needs.

Salon/Spa Laundry Service

Focus on your salon or spa’s client service and let Tornado Express Laundry handle your laundry needs. We collect your towels, wraps, and linens, for laundering in our state-of-the-art facility using commercial hypoallergenic detergents. Your linens are returned sealed in plastic and packaged by piece. Inform us of your preferences and we’ll accommodate. Pricing is based on your unique needs.

Restaurant/Banquet Linen Service

Restaurants and Banquet facilities contend with a substantial volume of laundry, encompassing napkins, tablecloths, uniforms, and chef’s coats. The laundry must also be flawlessly folded and entirely free of stains! Tornado Express Laundry can assume responsibility for your laundry needs.

We will pick up your laundry directly from your premises and process it at our state-of-the-art laundry facility. Stain treatments are applied when required, followed by washing, drying, folding, or hanging – all to your specifications. The linens are then impeccably packaged and returned to your establishment.

Uniform Laundry Service

Many industries, from law enforcement and healthcare to restaurants, retail, and manufacturing, rely on uniforms for a professional appearance. Don’t let this task weigh you down when your focus should be on business operations and customer service.

We collect your uniforms directly from your establishment and transport them to our modern laundry facility. Our laundry specialists treat your items with the utmost care, addressing stains, washing, drying, folding, or hanging as necessary. Your meticulously handled uniforms are then delivered back to your business per your schedule.

Healthcare Laundry Service

Whether you run a medical clinic, dental office, or other healthcare facility, trust us to meet your specific laundry needs! Take advantage of our convenient drop-off, pick-up, and delivery options, designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and expert attendants ensure hygienic and timely laundering of your linens, scrubs, and uniforms, which allows you to focus on patient care.

Janitorial Laundry Services

Optimize your building cleaning services by outsourcing the laundering of mop heads and microfiber cloths to Tornado Express Laundry. Our specialized facilities and cleaning expertise guarantee thorough and hygienic maintenance of these essential cleaning tools. With our professional laundry services, you can save time and resources while ensuring a consistently clean and sanitary environment.